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Ezeloops helps your child gain independence and learn their left from right

How Easy

Can It Be?

Our customers say they can’t imagine what they did before Ezeloops and that they would recommend these to all their friends and family.
All your kids have to do is match the loops on their wrists to the loops of the same colour on their shoes. It’s that easy!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1:

You put the correct band on the matching wrist so your child can read the writing and see the symbol.

Step 2:

You attach the corresponding shoe loops onto the correct shoe so the symbol can be seen be your child

Step 3:

You remind your child to match up the symbol on their wrist to the symbol on the shoe.


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Give your child
the gift of independence

Learning how to tie your shoelaces can be a big step for kids, but for others just learning which shoes goes on which foot can be a big ordeal! At Ezeloops, we make learning left & right easy for your child.