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The Story of


i dont know my left from right

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Ezeloops is the invention of two mothers, Sheryl and Louise who wanted a simple solution to a complicated problem.

If you’ve ever had the argument about which shoe goes on which foot, you know how stubborn little ones can be. Ezeloops take away the frustration, tantrums and wasted time surrounding the simple task of putting on shoes.

We developed Ezeloops so your child can learn their colours, shapes and directions in a fun, fashionable and simple way. Ezeloops are made from silicone in bright, vibrant colours, which help your child gain independence and a sense of accomplishment when they succeed on their own.

Ezeloops are for children and adults alike!

We wanted to make a product that was inclusive of everyone, including kids with special needs. Parents of children who have special needs rave about the success their kids are experiencing. Their kids feel a real sense of accomplishment, and they have a ton of fun in the process.

Ezeloops aren’t just for children. Occupational therapists are finding success in using them for their elderly patients who may be losing cognitive ability. The adult size was created to give these folks back some of their dignity and independence whilst improving their overall quality of life.

All of our Ezeloops are available in Braille. Sight-impaired children and adults have just as much success as their sighted counterparts.

i dont know my left from right

Designed for sensitive skins

We make our Ezeloops from silicone, so they won’t irritate your little one’s sensitive skin.

This also makes them incredibly strong and durable, so they can be used as often as necessary. You can even hang on to these to pass down to your younger kids.

Your child gets to choose the colours they like best. Our bright and vibrant colours add to the fun of the experience and success of the process.

We can help you learn left and right

Give your child
the gift of independence

Our products are made with love and care for your little ones. Help your child say hello to independence and goodbye to frustration.

How can I learn left and right